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Your Road Map
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Sales Training
Road Map to Success
“Selling is the Art of Value Focused Communication”

After development of your new Sales Process, you are now ready to implement the changes into your organization. This stage is critical in achieving the potential for increasing gross sales & gross profits. To insure success, we recommend your staff be in full attendance with no excuses - this is a top-down decree!

Your sales staff needs to be fully prepared to face your customers with confidence, and deliver your value proposition with integrity. How well you train your sales team will determine their readiness to succeed. How well you compensate them will determine their eagerness to succeed! Both concerns will be addressed to support the roll-out.

Sales Compensation Matrix – Motivate your sales staff in a way that gets real results. No more confusing commission structure. Position the money your sales people make as a function of how much they give away in incentives to help the customer buy! Of course, that means they need to follow your Up-Value™ sales process and sell longer-term & higher value programs. UV Marketing Group will work with you to determine the best incentives for each level of performance. Most of our clients end up saving money on their old commission structure and get better results!

Live Sales Training – This fun and engaging presentation will deliver the knowledge your sales staff need to fully grasp your new sales process. They’ll want to learn once they see what’s in it for them: a simplified sales process, friendlier closing questions, higher closing ratios, longer-term & higher-value sales and (yes) bigger bonuses! The Live Sales Training session is conducted at your location or meeting hall and is supported with multi-media presentation materials.

Up-Value™ Concept Training – For managers to achieve sales productivity goals: Managers will learn how to adopt a strategy of giving to achieve more cooperation from subordinates and get more productivity from their sales employees.

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