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Your Road Map
to Success!

Marketing Essentials
Road Map to Success

“The Right Tools for the Job!”

With your Business Priorities set and your Brand Evaluation complete, you’re now ready to create the Marketing Essentials your company needs to communicate with prospects & clients!

Your marketing tools will be developed strategically, designed professionally and reflect your brand consistently to achieve the market impact your looking for! You’ll get the most effective offers and sales conversion strategies to increase response rates and improve closing ratios!

Some of the best tools are:
  • Business Cards – By incorporating offers on the back, you’ll turn acquaintances into clients!
  • Post Cards – Get real ROI on your marketing dollar! This is the marketer’s work horse!
  • Blast Email Marketing – The most cost effective marketing tool to reach clients and get referrals!
  • Buddy Passes – The ultimate “disguised” referral program!
  • Up-Grade Certificates – Like a “taster” sample, this tool helps clients to buy deeper!
  • Punch Cards –Clients earn their loyalty rewards by fulfilling your purchase requirements!
  • VIP Rewards Cards – FREE benefits for “members only” to encourage enrollment!
  • Gift Cards – Get your clients to pay you to refer their friends!
  • Brochures – Give your prospects vital business information & something of value to hold on to.
  • Door Hangers – Go ape with a Gorilla marketing favorite! (Best for campus & apartment units)
  • Plexiglas Ad-Stands with Tear-Off Coups - The ultimate cross marketing tool!
  • Road Side Signs – Need cash fast? Have a “Blow-out Weekend Sale” whenever you like!
  • Billboards – Support media campaigns and increase brand awareness.
  • Posters – Your silent salesman! Designed to get your message heard.
  • Placards – “mini-posters” reinforce your offers at point of purchase or anywhere you want!
  • Banners – “mini-billboards” make the offer look bigger and more valuable.
  • Window Clings - A great way to use your blank window space to advertise!

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