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Your Road Map
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Marketing Strategies
Road Map to Success

“The Up-Value™ Marketing Strategy is Win, Win, Win!”
You’ll get more clients through the doors, increase closing ratios, and achieve greater dollar sales!
They’ll get more perceived value for their money! And…
By using the simplified Up-Value sales process, closing the sale will be easier and they’ll earn more money!

Up-Value™ 1. A process that offers more value, not cheaper prices, to motivate the buyer(the antithesis of up-selling.) 2. A process that delivers greater value than what was anticipated, promised or expected. 3. A process that sequences the marketing strategy with the sales effort resulting in more clients, increased closing ratios, and greater dollar sale.

Communicating your offer into the market place can be expensive. You must convert responses into profitable sales to achieve real ROI. To do this, your offer and sales strategy must be congruent and lead prospects to a buying decision.

The Up-Value™ Marketing & Up-Value™ Sales processes were developed together for the purpose of having a simple and methodical approach to bringing more clients to your door and selling them longer-term & higher-value product or service programs.

“Deliver the right message, at the right time, with the right offer, to the right people!”

Deploying your marketing message to the right people will determine 40% of your marketing campaign’s success! Whether you employ Gorilla marketing tactics, Blast emails, Blue Wave™ devices, Social networks, The Web, or traditional Targeted Direct Mail, you’ll need the best resources available to insure you’re reaching the people who matter most!

Gorilla Marketing – We’ll teach you the secrets to getting your message into the hands of the right people in a face-to-face environment.

Blast email – You’ll learn how Blast email strategies can increase your reach beyond your own data base and get referrals from your clients.

Blue Wave™ – Now you can send your marketing message to qualified buyers in your immediate geographic location - 24/7! Our Blue Wave™ transmission device uses Blue Tooth™ technology to broadcast “Permission based, Opt-in” marketing messages directly to their cell phones!

Social Networks – Get your Face Book™ & Twitter™ pages designed for you! You’ll need to look your best in the new digital market place. This is becoming increasingly more important in your overall marketing strategy.

Website – You’ll look great on the web with your professionally designed website. It’s all you need for a low, low cost!

Targeted Direct Mail – Real ROI is attainable when you have access to real market data. We provide the following: Radius Reports, Radius Maps, Cass Certification, NCOA, Consumer List Acquisition, & Business List Acquisition services. At UV Marketing Group you have access to the best mail fulfillment & list services available to help you get the best response rates possible!

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