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Your Road Map
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Sales Process
Road Map to Success

“Adding Value, Creating Value & Communicating Value”

Features and benefits will only have value if they are understood by the customer as a solution to a problem or fulfilling a need. The paradox of needs states that the more you have the more you need! With all of the possessions in our society, selling should be easier than ever. And it is… if you know how!

The secret to selling today is in helping the customer reach a buying decision. You need to be an Advocate in the buying decision – not an Adversary in a selling situation. Remember, everyone loves to buy; no one likes to be sold!

Sales Presentation Engineering & Design – Your Sales Presentation is custom designed graphically and engineered strategically to create a sales process that leads the customer to the decision to buy your products (or to employ your services.) Using the presentation will achieve increased closing ratios, longer-term customers and higher-value sales. With your sales presentation you can be assured that there is only 1 sales process in your company – no short cuts, tricks or rogue sales staff that think they know how to sell better then you! After design, we can print your sales presentation tools on a variety of materials based on how they are being utilized.

Sales Scripting – All of the tenets of high performing sales people are incorporated and customer centered language is used to position value at the core of your sales proposition. The Sales Script doesn’t just tell them what to say and when to say it, but why they’re saying it! It becomes your sales training manual. This program is highly customized based on all aspects of your sales process, products and services.

Sales POP Strategies – Point of purchase tools are invaluable to increase over-all sales. But what the sales person says can increase (or decrease) their effectiveness dramatically. We will strategically position your offers, produce colorful eye-catching design, print your posters or counter-top displays and tactfully script your value proposition for the sales staff to insure optimized effectiveness of your POP strategies. We can develop multiple offers for your products and services so you can rotate them in and out to keep your customers buying!

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